A New Record for Colorado Springs?

Yesterday we set a new weather record here, with a 70 degree high temperature that made it feel like June instead of January. It won’t last of course, but this week of incredible warm, pleasant sunny days has been a nice little break in what can be a cold month. The ski areas are ready for some more fresh powder, it is due this weekend from what they are saying. After seeing the record COLD temperatures in the eastern half of the country, it is nice to be on the other end of that.
The warm temperatures have made it very pleasant for showing property as well, which I have been doing quite a bit of. There are some great “spec” homes available at the moment in Cordera, as well as Indigo Ranch / Ridgeview at Stetson Hills. In uncertain times, builders that have some completed inventory take all the risk out of the new construction process, because the house is done, you don’t have possible delays, and (heaven forbid) if the builder fails or pulls out of town, the house is already done so you aren’t left hanging. Builders also make their best deals on completed homes, since they now have a sizable investment already made in them, and they tie up lines of credit.

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