New Life Church – When Can We NOT Be In The News?

This week’s new revelations about former pastor Ted Haggard from New Life Church saddened me from a couple of perspectives. Besides the obvious sorrow over a fallen leader, selfishly, as a New Life member for the last 10 years or so, I would like our church to be OUT of the news. First it was Ted’s grandstanding antics as pastor, and then it was his “indiscretions”, then it was the shootings, now it’s more revelations of Ted’s bad behavior. Personally, I am so ready for people to be able to come to church and just worship learn more about God, and not be dealing with this junk. Brady Boyd has done a stellar job so far, and his sermon on forgiveness this week was spot on (you can hear it at I am sure this season will pass completely some day.
The weather took a nasty turn to cold this weekend. It was in the teens all day yesterday, and last night’s snow was not in the forecast at all. It is a sunny, sparkly day today, and maybe I’ll get some photos to share of how pretty Pikes Peak is with a new mantle of white!

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