Air Conditioning Not Prevalent in Colorado Springs Homes

I’ve written about this one before, but in honor of the hottest day of the year so (yesterday) and the warm forecast this week (high 80’s), I thought I’d talk about it again.
Many of our residents come from other places. In particular, those coming from Texas, Arizona, Florida, Virginia and California (to name a few) tend to ask that air conditioning be a ‘must have’ on their lists of homes for sale that they look at. The problem is, in Colorado Springs, it doesn’t get used that often, and so many people who have homes built don’t tend to have it installed. To double check on the current percentage with central, I ran a quick search, and as of today, only 30.5% of the single family homes for sale in Colorado Springs have central air conditioning.
Why doesn’t central air get used that often? To start with, the warm weather season is a little short. As of today (June 23), we have not had a single day above 90, only 1 above 85. Secondly, our nights are very cool. Even this morning it was 58 degrees at 6:30, and the projected high is 88. Thirdly, our afternoon thunderstorms tend to cool things off in the afternoon and evening, and while they don’t always do the job, more often than not, they take the temperature down 20 degrees as they roll through. Lastly, our humidity is low, so even a pretty warm day is a lot more bearable. After visiting Michigan last week when it was very humid, even though it wasn’t hot by Michigan summer standards, it had me sweating pretty good!
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