Living Well In Woodmen Hills

I sold another house in the Woodmen Hills area this week. This is becoming a new favorite for some of my Colorado Springs home buyers for a number of reasons.

1. The cost of the homes is very reasonable. We still see some pretty nice homes, and some even new homes, for under $250,000. Spend more, get even nicer!

2. The lots sizes are big (most are 1/2 acre, some are 1 acre, some sections are smaller, but generally not less than 7500 sf)

3. The area amenities have expanded (the Super Walmart helps!), and access to the Powers shopping corridor is really good

4. It is pretty convenient to some of our larger employers, particularly Shriever AFB, Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs Airport area businesses, Penrose Hospital, and even Briargate and Northgate

5. The lifestyle issues are a big plus, with 2 recreation centers (including one with an outdoor pool) and a really nice golf course in the area (Antler Creek). There are also great walking paths.

6. Woodmen Road, the main artery back to the Springs, has finally been widened, and it is a breeze to get to town, not to mention the ongoing entertainment of the antelope herds make the drive pleasant.

7. It is ‘friendlier’ for parking things like trailers and RV’s

8. There are more ranch style (single level) homes out here than in many other areas of town.

One of the biggest arguments I get against Woodmen Hills is the HOA dues of $148 per month. What is often overlooked however is that this includes $87 of water and sewer charges, which would normally be separate utilities billing in most areas, and also includes access to the recreation centers. Considering a family YMCA membership is $80/month, the dues start looking more like a bargain! The other complaint before people see it, is that they think it is too far out. It is actually only a 15 -20 drive from the Chapel Hills Mall, and only 10 minutes from Woodmen and Powers, not too bad!

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