Back Home In The Springs

We just returned from a most amazing trip to the Western Cape region of South Africa. Since this blog is really about living in Colorado Springs, I won’t post a bunch of travel stuff here. However, I thought there were a few things I should share.

1. Travel to anywhere in the world really connects well with Colorado Springs. It is amazing to me still that jet airliners can take you anywhere, with a plane change here and there.
2. Cape Town, Stellenbosch and the whole Western Cape region of South Africa is a fantastic trip. If you want more information about our own trip, I may post to a different blog at some point on it, or can email me and I will share some things. The rand exchange rate is very favorable still, and I enthusiastically recommend a visit to this truly fantastic place.
3. As fun as any trip can be, and as beautiful as South Africa is, it is so good to be home and see the grass turning green here, the days getting longer and more spring like, and see our own mountain, still covered in snow, majestically overlooking the city.
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