Forest Gump Would Like the Black Forest

Actually, a lot of us like the Black Forest, but it is like the proverbial box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. As one of the best areas of Colorado Springs to find acreage and trees, it also has lots of sub areas that vary widely in terms of covenants, style and age of home, and condition. Not to mention road access. Generally prices start in the upper 300’s, even for fixer uppers. The house that I took these photos at showed pretty rough, had a bad driveway, and bad road in, and was still priced around $425,000.

I took these photos Monday (4-20-09) while previewing homes for some clients. The house was really 2 houses (it had a guest house), and when I was leaving, the goats and llamas starting bleating at me. After I snapped their picture, I turned to leave and saw some more animals out of the corner of my, which turned out to be deer. You can see all the snow still left over from the Friday / Saturday storm, but it has been 60’s and 70’s since, and the trees and bushes are just ready pop with new leaves and flowers.

We will be on vacation until 5-4-09, so if you have real estate needs that need to be addressed between now and then, please my associate Bill Van Tol at 719-229-9100 and mention you saw it in my blog!

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