Big Sports Weekend In the Springs, Despite Dreary Weather

I am flat out glad for the sun today, after a 3 days of not seeing it! This is very rare here, as is freezing drizzle and extremely cold temperatures for this time of year. Thankfully we’ll be back in the 60’s and sunny this week, more normal for the season.
The Broncos are now 5-0. No one here expected them to win their first 5 games. I guess Josh McDaniels, the new coach who replaced a much beloved Mike Shanahan, and Kyle Orton, who replaced the cry baby quarterback Jay Cutler, can finally smile and relish the moment. What a great game yesterday!
Wish we could say the same for the Rockies. The pitching staff walked 3 of the 6 runners who scored, not exactly a proud moment for the team. They’ve got to win tonight, or their Cinderella season is over.
The slick roads were full of accidents this weekend, including a minor one when a car slid through a red light and lightly hit my wifes car. Thankfully she was not hurt, and even the car was ok. The first icy roads of the season almost always cause more trouble than the later in the season, when people have had a little practice. Ice is also more dangerous than snow, because often the road can look ‘just wet’, when in fact black ice is covering it. And in the fall, very few people have snow tires on their cars yet. I personally have not used snow tires for years, but many even use the studded variety for winter, making trips up to the ski areas a bit more secure. Of course sunshine is the best remedy for icy roads, and it was good to finally get some back this morning!
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