Woodmoor – Easy Access, Mountain Resort-Like Atmosphere

There are places you can live in the greater Colorado Springs area that do not feel like you are near a town of 600,000, and the Woodmoor area in Monument is one of them. I listed a home this past week that is kind of an anomaly, in that it is an almost brand new home in an area that is pretty much completely built already. Woodmoor started in the 60’s, but most of the homes tend to be from 90’s, when our big construction boom snatched up the remaining vacant lots. Woodmoor is one of the only single family residential areas to my knowledge that has full time staff for the HOA (the Woodmoor Improvement Association), and offers a security patrol to augment the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department. Dues are $209 / year. It is 1/2 to 1 acre density, with lots of trees, greenbelts running through it, and plenty of foxes, deer and squirrels for neighbors. Woodmoor is one of those places that feels like you on vacation when you are home, and yet it is very convenient for freeway and shopping access, making it popular among those who have split commutes (one going to Denver and the other to the Springs). Drive time is almost the same to the south end of Denver (30 minutes) or downtown Colorado Springs. Prices start in the mid 300’s for smaller 70’s built homes, but can approach a million for newer, larger, well equipped luxury homes. The home pictured was completed in 2007, and with 4200 square feet, almost all finished area, it is listed at an extremely good price for $499,900.
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