Biking in Colorado Springs

There are a wide variety of options for biking in Colorado Springs. Whether you enjoy biking on paved trails, cycling through the woods, or even using an e-bike, there is something for everyone here! And what better way to stay in shape while also socially distancing than to ride a bike?

According to, “With over 100 miles of on-street bicycle routes, nearly 120 miles of urban bike trails, and more than 60 miles of unpaved mountain bike trails, Colorado Springs is committed to ensuring that biking is a convenient, safe, and connected form of transportation and recreation.”

Urban Trails

There’s many urban trails to choose from in our area. Urban Trails in Colorado Springs are all designated as multi-use trails, meaning that any non-motorized use of the trail is permitted. There are currently over 100+ miles of urban trails in the city. AllTrails has a list of the most popular road trails in our area, with information on exact routes and level of difficulty. Plus, here is a map of all of the urban trails in Colorado Springs.

Most of these trails are ideal for novice bikers due to the lack of mountainous terrain and clear paths. Some are a little tougher than others, though, due to length and other factors. Urban trails are not only used recreationally, but also for transportation around the city. Three popular trails around the city include the Rock Island Trail, Shooks Run Trail and the Greenway Trail.



Mountain biking offers a more adventurous ride for some of the more avid riders. Plus, many of these trails have breathtaking views! Trails can range from easy to extremely difficult, so it’s probably best to plan ahead and do your research before heading out on a trail. Whether you want a calmer ride through the mountainside, or a hair-raising ride from the summit of Pikes Peak, there is something for everyone. Check out some of these top-rated mountain trails from Out There Colorado.

If you’re interested in learning to mountain bikes, Pikes Peak Bike Tours offers several personal training courses according to a rider’s skill level. 

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Did you know there was such a thing as an electronic bike? According to Amp’d Adventures, “Electric bikes are just like a normal bike – only better! Combining advanced features like state of the art geared motors, lightweight, long-lasting lithium batteries, 5 levels of pedal assist, and twist-and-go throttles is added to one of the strongest bike frames available”. 

If you’re looking for something a little different and exciting, check out Amp’d Adventures for a tour through Garden of the Gods or even a Bike-n-Brew tour!

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Amp’d Ebikes

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