Exercise Options During COVID

Looking for exercise options during COVID? This pandemic doesn’t have to hinder your fitness goals– in fact, there is a wide variety of options to keep you fit and healthy while also social distancing. If your local gym is closed or you’d prefer to work out alone, there is hope!

Indoor Options

Is your weight slowly creeping up? Have you been sitting around more than usual due to teleworking or homeschooling? Getting moving at home might be a good alternative to get in that workout! Your workout doesn’t have to be long or intense, but just moving a little more each day is a step in the right direction. Taking 5 minute breaks every hour to get up from the computer and walk around the house isn’t just good for your legs, but it’s also good for your eyes and brain to get away from that computer screen! Plus, it adds in some daily steps that have likely decreased from being stuck at home.

Some other easy options for home workouts include yoga or even exercise videos. Youtube has plenty of free videos, whether you enjoy Zumba, stretching, yoga, or lifting weights. You could also get a step tracker to make sure you’re moving enough throughout the day and set personal goals (and crush them)!

If you have a treadmill or stationary bike, make it a point to start your day with a workout instead of putting it off and then making excuses. Wake up and put your workout clothes on right away so that you feel motivated to get it done! Your mind and body will thank you, plus you might just find a little more energy at the start of your workday.

There are also tons of apps that will provide free workouts for you to follow along with! Some popular ones include:

Yoga exercise during covid

Outdoor Options

Although the weather may be cold and snowy right now, why not take advantage on particularly mild days and do your workout outside? Colorado is known for its abundance of outdoor recreation, and so there’s no shortage of options for you! And what better way to social distance while also getting out of the house? You can go for a hike, take a bike ride, or go for a short walk/job around your neighborhood! Plus, we’ve put together a great list of hiking trails in our area for you to try! The app AllTrails has some great information for new hikes along with maps and pictures!

Hiking exercise during covid

Nutrition Help

Have you noticed yourself eating a little more while quarantining? More often than not, weight gain is caused by excess food intake (we’ve all been snacking a little more than usual since the fridge is just a short walk when working from home). Whether you decide to track calories, macros, or just focus on whole foods, being mindful of what you eat can help you avoid (or lose) those COVID pounds!
A great app to track both calories and macros is MyFitnessPal. Here you can customize goals and track all of your nutritional needs!

Myfitnesspal nutrition

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