Blizzard’s Effects Melt Off Fast

We went up to Fort Collins to see our daughter up at Colorado State University on Saturday, and I took the this photo from in front of the Starbucks at Union and Briargate (my favorite). You can see that although the Peak is nice and white, the storm we had Thursday was already melting off pretty good. We saw lots of cars still in the ditches along I25, so we know the roads got pretty bad, but they were clear and dry for us. Ft Collins seemed to have a little less snow than we did, and it was also melting fast. It was almost 60 on Sunday, but it started snowing again this morning around breakfast. Springtime in the Rockies!
When we filled up before our little trip (it is only 2 hours each way), I was somewhat shocked by how fast gas has risen in the last week or so. My last fillup at this particular station was a full $.20 / gallon cheaper. Some of the issue here in the Springs is that every Spring and Fall, they switch the formulations around, and the winter blend gas is different (more ethanol I think?). While I don’t know if that was the problem, it was annoying to be paying close to $2.00 a gallon again 🙁 I know, it isn’t $4.00, but considering that the $4.00 gasoline was probably caused by our now government owned banks speculating on oil futures, I’m not sure that is a good comparison either.
I showed one of my listings yesterday to a couple who has moved here from San Diego, and it reminded me of how many of our residents come from elsewhere, and how happy they are to be here. Recently I got an email from one the families that has moved here from the mid west recently, and their comment was ‘We’ve been in Colorado Springs for just over five months now and we love it even more each day. It is everything you said it would be and more.’
I have other clients from new Hampshire that when I see them, they just can’t stop grinning with delight that they live here now. Whether it be from Florida, Texas, Arizona, California, Missouri, North Dakota, Virginia, Nevada, Washington, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or elsewhere, people love coming here.

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