Colorado Springs March Real Estate Sales Better, But Still Weak

It will be interesting to see which spin The Gazette will pick when they report March of 2009 Colorado Springs real estate statistics. Will it be ‘Real Estate Sales Up 12.3%’, or will be it ‘Local Home Sales Plummet 21.6%’? We won’t know for another week or so, but either one could be right, because sales are up 12.3% over last month, but down significantly from last March. The link below gives some detailed analysis of the situation, but the positive trends are that inventory seems to be under control, down 13.2% from last year, the median price has begun to rise again, up 4.3% from last month at $185,000, and the average price has begun to rise, up 2.9% from last month at $212,549. As with any set of numbers, you can see things as either 1/2 full or 1/2 empty. I’ll take the 1/2 full version on this one! Colorado Springs Real Estate Sales Trends
I took another ski yesterday (I need to use up my 4 pack, and had out of town buyers scheduled for the weekend) and was very happy with the snow conditions, although the weather was pretty wintery. While it was sunny and in the 50’s here in the Springs, it was about 15 degrees and blowing hard up in the high country, in advance of another winter storm scheduled to arrive here today. Such a huge disparity in weather conditions is pretty normal between the plains and the mountains (especially in the spring), it is part of the package that makes living here so great!
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