Certified Distressed Property Expert Course Was Well Worth It!

We always have opportunities to get smarter in our business, and sometimes I am so busy working IN my business, I don’t have enough time to work ON it. This week however, I finished the the CDPE Course (Certified Distressed Propery Expert), and I have to say it was one of the best classes I have taken in a while. Alex Charfen is an excellent instructor, and his knowledgeable presentation on the ins and outs of short sales and foreclosures will be very useful in helping my clients and their friends and families.
One of the many important points that was brought out, was how important it is to NOT let your house go into foreclosure if at all possible. Realistically, for this to be an issue, homeowners are often behind on their payments to begin with. But there really can be time to come up with a better solution, and while it doesn’t necessarily mean they can keep their current house, it does mean that they may be able to replace it again at some point, not always an option when foreclosure happens. Also, sometimes the homeowner can see hardships coming, and the consequences of foreclosure are far more devastating than people think. Doing something about it before it is too late can make a huge difference in how the future will look. Sometimes there really are MUCH better options, and it was good to hear more details about how it can work.
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