Winter Is Back!

After a very dry early spring, the central mountains are getting a good dose of winter again, with 1 1/2 feet already, and more coming. We skied last week (and weekend) up at Copper Mountain, and although the weather was fantastic, the snow could really use some freshening up, so this is a good thing both for the resorts and the water supply. Here in the Springs we woke up to just a dusting this morning, but the temps are definitely cooler than the weekend was, and we also have more on the way. Thankfully I turned the sprinklers off again before this latest cold snap!
After all the hooplah about the Federal government ‘saving the housing industry’ by printing more money and buying up bad investments from the banks, mortgage rates are right where they started, around 5%. So much for using tax money to help. Sales are picking up, nationally as well as locally. Progress on the national front helps us locally, in that relocating buyers who have houses to sell can buy more easily if their existing home is sold.
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