Colorado In the Summer – My Kind of Place

This weekend my wife Holly and I took a little time off on Sunday (sorry pastor!) and went up to the mountains to get a ‘mountain fix’. We look up at the mountains all the time, but it really takes some effort sometimes to just drop everything for a day and enjoy them! We went to 11 Mile Canyon, a National Forest area just about an hour from our house, and sat next to the roaring river (South Platte) for a while soaking in the sun, the cool breeze, and powerful sounds of rushing water. It was great! We took the scenic loop back around through Cripple Creek and made a small donation to the gaming industry (Cripple Creek is a gambling town), and then headed back to the Springs in time for dinner. We just missed a big thunderstorm I guess, and I don’t think we ever even saw 80 degrees the whole time we were out, though it was scheduled to be a hot day in town. One of the great things about living in Colorado Springs that I love, is that we can drive to snow in the winter, but not have to live in it too much, and in the summer, that we can drive quickly to the cool breezes of the mountains and be away from it all, but still have all the conveniences of city living.
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