Wild Weather is Part of the Fun in Colorado Springs

Yesterday I was showing property in Black Forest when we came across a stretch of road that was all white from a hail storm that had just passed through. When we got to the house, we just had to get a couple of shots for posterity. Yesterday was a gorgeous day, got up to maybe 83 degrees, but afternoon thunderstorms are always capable of changing things up for a while, and it was 59 degrees on my car thermometer right after the hail fell!
To be prepared for our variable weather, it is usually good to have jacket of some sort along, no matter how warm the day, as a ‘just in case’. When I show property, we usually kick our shoes off if it has rained or if the house has very clean floors, so bringing shoes that are easy to put on and off is a good idea when you come out for a house hunting trip. Staying hydrated, even on days with above average humidity is also a good idea, we try to remember to grab a bottle of water for everyone before we head out as well!

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