Colorado Springs #10 in Best Places For Women

Colorado Springs wins a lot of awards for being a best place to live for somebody. Women’s Health just rated us #10 according to the Gazette article this morning, and Men’s Health recently gave us #15. Between them, I guess we must be a pretty healthy place to live for pretty much everybody 🙂 Seriously, with a reasonable cost of living, lots of parks and trails, sunny weather, a very strong health care system, and somewhat of a healthy ‘group consciousness’, what more could you want?

  I don’t know how healthy it is (you probably should be healthy to do it anyway), but the Colorado Springs Adaman Club is about to set out on their annual trek to the top of Pikes Peak to set off New Years Eve Fireworks. It is an odd tradition, in that they ‘add a man’ (or woman) every year to the group, and hike up in pretty wintry conditions. It’s pretty cool to see the display though, if you stay awake long enough! It remains to be seen if the weather will cooperate for viewing, but at the moment the Friday forecast is at least looking warmer for the hike down, high in the mid 40’s (finally!).

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