December Home Sales up 25.9% in Colorado Springs!

Happy New Year! I love it when we see year to year increases in Colorado Springs home sales, and December was our 5th in a row of double digit increases. While prices did not do as well (mean down 1.9% $223,143, median up 6.9% at $192,500), an encouraging sign was the 90th percentile jumped from $339,500 last month to $375,000, an indication of strength coming back to the higher end. I’m hoping for a strong January.The weather was kind of cold and snowy as November and  Decembers go, and  more normal weather should help some buyers get back out shopping. Another encouraging sign was that the number of homes for sale in Colorado Springs actually dropped another 20.2%, the 20th consecutive month of inventory decline, a sure indication things are improving.

  It was a great New Year’s Day here in Colorado Springs, with temps in the 40’s and the sun shining brightly.

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