Colorado Springs Parks Are Pretty Special

I had breakfast with a client and old friend this morning, and when we were done, I thought I’d stop by one of the many city parks we have to take some wildflower photos. I am around the High Chaparral Open Space a lot (I do a fair amount of work in the Old Farm and Northeast areas of town), but I very seldom have a chance to just get out and enjoy it, so today it happened.
This park was funded with a special tax we have had for acquiring open space and keeping it from getting turned into subdivisions, parking lots or storage units, and I am SO glad it was! Part of General Palmer’s philosophy when he founded the city of Colorado Springs was that we would have lots of park land, and it is true to this day. While a complete list and photo tour of them is not practical here, once in a while I think it is good to remember the great park heritage we have here! Click here for some more photos of the High Chaparral Open Space with it’s views and wildflowers on my Facebook site.

The cool wet weather of the last few days has been replaced with the normal summer pattern of sunny cool mornings, and afternoon thunderstorms. Perfect for keeping things green and still enjoying the outdoors!
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