You Want to Raise My Rent How Much?

Colorado Springs Rent or Buy a HomeOn the national level, the supply of properties for real estate investors is down, making the rise of rents highly likely so investors can still make money.

Locally, not only are investor purchases down, but investor SALES are UP. That further reduces the inventory of rentals available, making additional rent price increases not only likely, but inevitable.

The following blog post describes this in more detail: You Want to Raise My Rent How Much?  The evidence clearly makes one consider buying a home even looking solely at monthly affordability.

Let me help you consider if now is your time to buy.  With over 22 years of full time experience in Colorado Springs, I have the knowledge, experience and skill to put together a successful real estate transaction if you’re buying or selling. Call or text me at 719-331-7675, or email and let’s discuss your options!

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