Colorado Springs Schools – You Get What You Pay For

Once in a while I like to play with numbers, and this week while adding some new school district information to the relocation section of my web site, I ran some numbers on the average home prices, by school district. Not so surprisingly, the figures came out somewhat in lockstep with with state ELA (English Language Arts) scores. It should be noted that ELA scores do not tell the whole picture of educational quality. Moreover, 3rd grade reading test scores may or may not be the best measure, and what I have presented is the percentage deemed ‘approached, met, or exceeded expectations’. However, this presents a somewhat objective measure of what it is happening in each of the major districts of the area. If you want more details from any school check the State Department of Education Colorado Department of Education. It shows a very high correlation of the cost of real estate in Colorado Springs with the corresponding school district test scores.

Here is a brief summary:

Colorado Springs School Districts – Home Prices vs Test Scores

2018 Avg Home Price 2018 3rd Grade reading ELAs (Approached, Met, or Exceeds Expectation)
Cheyenne Mountain D12 $532,575 85.3%
Lewis Palmer D38 $523,794 79.4%
Academy D20 $424,362 80.9%
Falcon D49 $319,900 69.0%
Fountain Fort Carson D8 $263,230 67.1%
Colorado Springs D11 $287,549 60.6%
Widefield D3 $271,147 65.9%
Harrison D2 $223,609 64.7%


Last updated 10/4/18

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