Colorado Springs Grows as Retirement Destination

Colorado Springs is not as famous as it could be as a retirement community. But I see it growing, as more and more families flee higher priced urban areas, and parents and grandparents follow after coming for a visit. Today’s photo was taken just yeterday (11-8) at Sunridge Retirement apartments, at Flintridge and Vickers, one of the high spots in the city. It happens to be where my mother-in-law lives (she moved here from California about 6 years ago), and their dining room (not where this shot was taken) has the best view of any restaurant in the Springs. Several things make the Springs desirable as a retirement spot.

  1. There is reasonably priced housing
  2. There is readily available, quality health care
  3. We get lots of sun
  4. Our winters are mild relative to a large portion of the country
  5. Our summers are mild relative to a large portion of the country
  6. Seniors are generally treated with respect here
  7. Air connections are good for the travelling, active seniors
  8. There are plenty of places to enjoy a motor home for another whole group of active seniors
  9. The town is overall conducive to the kids and grandkids staying here
  10. There are plenty of things to do for most seniors, whether outdoor or indoor oriented

There are probably another 25 reasons or so why this is a great place to retire, and I am sure they are different for every family that decides to do it. There are a few negatives that I would be less than honest if I didn’t mention.

  1. High altitude can be hard on people with heart conditions or breathing problems such as emphysema.
  2. For seniors coming from warmer climates such as Florida and Arizona, the cooler weather and thinner air can take some getting used to
  3. Making new friends isn’t always a cake walk. Leaving lifetime friendships can be very hard, especially if the friends don’t travel.
  4. There are a few days a year when snowy roads can be dangerous for drivers who are already less than confident on the road.

Updated from prior post of November 2007

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