Colorado Springs Wildlife Doing Well

It isn’t every day that I see wildlife when I am out showing Colorado Springs homes to prospective buyers, although it is reasonably often. It is more seldom when we see deer on the east side of town (they are more prevalent on the west side). But these photos from yesterday (May 30 2009) were once in a lifetime for me. The house we were looking at was in a very established east side neighborhood, near Barnes and Powers. Apparently this mama deer decided because the lot was large and the house was vacant, it was a good safe place to deliver her twins. I think they were less than an hour old when we came across them in the first picture, still wet and unable to stand for more than a few seconds. Normally I am pretty good at spotting wildlife, but in this case it was the buyer who saw them first. Thankfully I had the camera along! We came back later for a 2nd look at the house, and you can see how much progress they had already made. This sort of thing is just one of the intangibles that come with Colorado Springs real estate, and makes my job fun!

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