Days Like These are What Makes Colorado Springs So Popular

Since our wet Memorial Day weekend, we have had close to perfect weather here in the Springs. Glorious sunny warm days (around 80 again today), cool nights, a thunderstorm here and there in the afternoon, wildflowers blooming, even the snow is still on Pikes Peak!
I’ve been a little busy to write this week, as we’ve been getting my wife packed out of her classroom, showing properties, inspections, what have you. Not to mention I’m still moving kind of slow after being sick. While it is still not as busy as in some past years, the pace has quickened a little, especially in light of interest rates starting to go back up. In addition, short sales are making a lot of unproductive work out of this business. I previously wrote about one that finally gave up after 3 months and found another house. Many short sale buyers just give up after the lenders (who we taxpayers just gave hundreds of billions of dollars to) sit on their offers for months. For anyone who wants a house in the normal 30-60 day time frame, short sales are just not an option, and a big waste of time. Foreclosures will continue to be a problem until the banks get their acts together on this issue. In the mean time, it severely constrains the homes you can show for some buyers, and makes them feel cheated when a house comes up that looks great, only to find out they are a short sale. While only 9% of the 5079 homes in our MLS are indicated to be in any kind of distress, the actual percentage in many segments is significantly higher, and overall these are under reported, largely due to agents not wanting to restrict showings on their listings.
Interest rates jumped late this week, all the way to 5.25% That doesn’t sound like much, but when you consider it was 4.75%, that is a big jump. While we all hope it will go back down, all this government borrowing isn’t helping mortgage rates, and oil prices jumping again isn’t going to help consumer confidence much either.
I’m off to show some more homes today. Being such a nice day, I’d guess we might even sell one!
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