Fall Maintenance Schedules Are Slightly Different In Colorado

Most areas of the country have some sort of seasonal fall maintenance, and in some regards In Colorado Springs isn’t really THAT different. Generally when the nights are starting to get cold, having the furnace cleaned and serviced is a good idea almost everywhere. But here, that would also include the humidifier (cleaning and starting it back up). Most places, if there is a sprinkler system, you start watching the weather, and you have it shut off and drained or blown out before a hard frost hits, along with disconnecting outside hose bibs so they don’t burst the pipes. Here, the same holds true, but we can have some pretty dry warm weather mixed in almost all winter, so many people will start up and shut down their sprinklers several times to account for weather fluctuations. Cleaning gutters is always a good idea after the leaves have made their mess. Our soil conditions fluctuate a lot, and so many people also get their lawns aerated and fertilized in the fall. Thatching is not common here, but aeration in spring and fall are.

Other maintenance items that are helpful, include checking weather stripping, covering the swamp cooler or AC compressor, and most importantly, making sure your ski equipment is handy, tuned and ready for the 1st opening day, often in October!

They say our fall color season is really a short one this year, the most recent storms must have shocked the trees. Last year was the best color season I can remember, wish I had taken more photos like the one shown, taken last year at Parliament Park in Briargate.

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