Fall Weather Right on Time

It snowed yesterday here in Colorado Springs. Not just on the top of Pikes Peak, but right here in town. While that sounds pretty silly, given yesterday was the last day of summer, the fact is, it is not that unusual to get our first snow in September. What would be unusual is if stuck to the ground (it didn’t), or if there was much of it (there wasn’t). Still, it gets some of us excited for the change in seasons. After all, season pass sales for the ski resorts are going on, the leaves are just hinting at changing, and fall in Colorado is a favorite for many of us, myself included. While today was cool and gray, the sun will be back along with pleasant temps by the weekend. No, the photo was not from yesterday, it was our fall blizzard of ’06, hit just before Halloween. That is when our first real snow usually hits. Can’t wait!
This fall is kind of fun, with the Broncos at 2-0 and the Rockies looking like they will make a serious playoff run as the National League wildcard. We all remember the ‘Rocktober’ of 2 years ago, with a closing run of 21 out of 22 games to get into the World Series. It could happen!
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