Finding the Best Secure Storage Facilities

Finding the Best Secure Storage Facilities – A guest blog by Matt Schexnayder

Going off to college? Moving to a new city? Need to store your ‘excess baggage’ while marketing your home? Maybe you’ve been relocated for your job. Whatever the reason, the question of what to do with your belongings will come up. One option is, you could pawn off your belongings with your friends or instead, you could use a reputable online company like SpareFoot to help you find secure storage.

Instead of driving around or searching the yellow pages the “old fashioned” way, this website can guide you through the process of finding reasonably priced and convenient storage companies. It’s easy and it’s as simple as knowing your new zip code.

This service works especially well for smaller, less populated cities. For example, the move-in rate for towns like Colorado Springs are seeing a sudden increase, due to the fact that more and more people want to get away from the hectic lifestyle that comes with living in a big city. Even though it is less of an urbanized area, there are still numerous Colorado Springs self-storage facilities to choose from and using SpareFoot makes picking the right unit so much easier. It will save you hours of what would be wasted time checking each facility individually.

Using the SpareFoot website is like shopping online without any obligation to buy. You can easily click on one of the storage facilities on your screen to see a snapshot of what they have to offer. Easy-to-read bulleted lists will tell you the essentials including what amenities/services they offer. For example, some storage facilities offer 24-hour access, while others are only open for 40 total hours during the week. Certain facilities even offer specialty storage, which you can search for as well, allowing you to store those winter toys like skis or even snowmobiles in a safe and secure place.

Go online and check out SpareFoot for yourself. Just a few clicks online can save you hours of work and frustration and free up tons of space around the house you never even knew you had.

About Matt:
Matt Schexnayder is on the SpareFoot marketing team and writes for the SpareFoot blog. SpareFoot is the largest online marketplace for self-storage. With more than 5,000 self-storage facilities listed nationwide. SpareFoot offers consumers the most complete comparison shopping experience in the storage industry and has been a big part of the national moving and storage industry for over 3 years. Matt also writes for the self-storage facility operators at

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