Live It Up – Controversial New Brand for Colorado Springs

I guess most towns have their own slogans, nicknames and logos. And once in a while, they change them. Colorado Springs just spent $111,000 to get re-branded, but not everyone here is sure we got our money’s worth. The new tag line – Live It Up has some cleverness to it, because at our elevation and with the mountains towering in the background all the time, up is a physical thing as well as a state of mind. Live obviously reflects that one our great assets here is a great lifestyle. And even “It” covers about anything and everyone. But for me at least, Live It Up sounds too much like ‘party hardy’ and connotes a bar scene, that quite frankly is NOT one of our assets.
There is a group working to at least get a more interesting logo. We’ll see where it goes, but it is probably an uphill battle (no pun intended) to unseat the one that has already been bought and paid for. While there are many that don’t think the new brand (slogan and logo) really do Colorado Springs justice, that fact is, no one sentence phrase or postage stamp sized logo can do justice to a place that is so diverse, so beautiful, so rich in recreational opportunity, as Colorado Springs.
So come to Colorado Springs – and Live It Up!

Here is a video of the Mayor Steve Back introducing the new brand.

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