Grocery Wars In Colorado Springs

One of the major components of the cost of living in Colorado Springs, or anywhere else for that matter, is grocery prices. Colorado Springs is blessed with a LOT of competition from grocery retailers. I’ve never actually counted the number of grocery stores near our home very precisely, but in less than a 5 mile radius we have:

2 Costcos

1 Sam’s Club

2 Walmart Super Stores (there are LOTS more than that, just not as close to our house)

5 King Soopers (Kroger) (Sample ad)

1 Whole Foods

1 Sunflower Market (sample ad)

2 Safeways (sample ad)

2 Albertsons

2 Super Target

  For lowest prices, I’m a Costco fan (Sam’s is good too), but like the NFL ‘on any given Sunday, anything can happen’, and in any given week, the specials may be better at one chain vs another. We shop at King Soopers a lot because they tend to have pretty good selection, fair prices, and convenient locations. I also like their gasoline discount system. I’m not a great Walmart lover, ironically because their parking lot designs tend to be too tight, and we’ve had shopping cart dings. Safeway tends to be small here, but their prices have gotten better, and ironically they are the VERY closest to our house, so I tend to be there for the ‘quick fetch’ items. My wife’s favorite is Sunflower Market, hands down. She likes the prices (their slogan is Serious Food… Silly Prices), especially during sales, and really loves the selection and freshness of the produce and meats. She makes a killer seared Ahi tuna, that she buys only from them, when it is on sale (which it is this week 🙂 .

  If you live in Colorado Springs, like us, I’m sure you enjoy the choices. If you don’t, when you get here, you can feel confident you won’t go hungry!

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