Colorado Springs 2009 High School Graduation Rates Now Available

High school graduation rates have just been published for the entire state by the Colorado State Department of Education, so I thought I would update the story Colorado Springs Schools – You Get What You Pay For with current graduation rate information. Like the CSAP scores, it shows that the graduation rates are substantially higher for the more expensive school districts in the Colorado Springs area.

Without going into a lot of educational mumbo – jumbo about why this is a hard statistic to track, I’d like to point out that in school districts with higher student turnover, this is a MUCH harder thing to measure than it looks. Still, graduation rates correlate pretty well with the 3rd grade reading CSAP scores, with the exception of D11, which seems to have an abnormally low graduation rate for the 3rd grade test score levels. Ironically, this year was an improvement over last year’s figure of 66.7%. The state average of 2009 was 74.9%.

Another important thing to remember is that the larger districts (such as 11)  have many schools, and the graduation rate can vary quite a bit between them. The state site link above can also provide individual high school graduation rates within a district.

Colorado Springs School Districts

Home Costs vs Test Scores and Graduation Rates

  2009 Avg Home Price 2009 3rd Grade reading CSAP (Prof + Adv) 2009 Graduation Rate
Cheyenne Mountain D12 $449,620 93.0% 94.4%
Lewis Palmer D38 $395,356 89.2% 95.0%
Academy D20 $310,690 86.1% 91.6%
Falcon D49 $214,388 79.0% 81.5%
Fountain Fort Carson D8 $170,662 79.0% 87.6%
Colorado Springs D11 $182,443 74.9% 69.4%
Widefield D3 $159,162 73.6% 82.9%
Harrison D2 $131,376 69.1% 64.7%

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