Living Like a Tourist in Colorado Springs

I don’t know where the expression ‘live like a tourist’ really comes from, but I like it. It has the connotation to me that every day we should take a little vacation, experience some of the joys that we all tend to get a lot more of while we are not at work, and that are unique to our locale. Yesterday morning I had a couple of extra minutes while I was out running some errands, and stopped by the Garden of the Gods and took a couple of pictures. Our summer visitors don’t tend to get to see Pikes Peak with a fresh mantle of white, and in a month or 2 neither will we until next fall, so I thought I’d try to catch it after our slushy snow on Easter Sunday. This shot was taken at the Garden of the Gods Visitors Center, and is probably one of the most commonly taken photos of Pikes Peak. This free city park is a great place to come for a short (or long) walk, bring a sandwich for lunch (or coffee for breakfast, you name it). In short, it’ really a great place to live like a tourist!

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