Tax Day and Shopping in Colorado Springs

Many cities in the country had Tax Day tea parties yesterday, and Colorado Springs was no exception. Friends who attended the festivities in Acacia Park were impressed with how smooth it all went. Conservatives protesting in the public square isn’t something you see every day, if they had been rowdy about it I guess it would really have been news! I was surprised the Gazette reported only 1500 people were there, friends had guessed double that. For as fiscally conservative as Colorado Springs tends to be, I would have thought more would attend, but then again, some of us were working!
The news of the General Growth Corporation Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing is pretty sad here in Colorado Springs. The Chapel Hills Mall, across the street from my office in Briargate, is a General Growth Property, and while this is anticipated to go rather smoothly and not force any major closings, it still reflects on how difficult the business climate has become nationally. The mall is where my youngest son works, and while we are not big shoppers as a family, it is where we go when mall shopping is required, not to mention the food court is a pretty convenient quick bite for lunch, and the theaters are also very close and convenient. The other major mall in the city is The Citadel, which is quite a bit further south. The Promenade Shops at Briargate is a newer outdoor shopping and dining center that has competed somewhat with Chapel Hills in recent years, though it is really a different experience altogether.
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