The military is an essential part of the Colorado Springs local economy.  The Air Force Academy, Fort Carson Army Base, Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base, Northern Command and NORAD, are all key installations and a vibrant part of our community. We salute the members of the Armed Forces who are stationed here. 

United States Air Force Academy Information

Shriever Air Force Base Information

Peterson Air Force Base Information

Northern Command Information

NORAD Information

Military First

Military First is a program designed to save money for active duty military personnel. It is a closing cost assistance program, available for either buying or selling a home. The amount of closing cost assistance varies by the value of the transaction, and ranges from $400 to $1500, depending on the amount of the purchase. Please call Rick Van Wieren at 888-568-6784 for more information on this program, or email .

We appreciate the sacrifices being made by our military, and would like to use this program as a way of saying ‘Thank You!’

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