The Purchase Process

The Purchase Process

The Loan
The first step in purchasing a home is to speak to a lender and find out your options. Keep in mind that mortgage interest typically adds up to more than twice the cost of your home. Having good information, and resources for your mortgage is critical. Please visit our Mortgage Center for more mortgage information.

The Agent
Next, find a Real Estate Agent to represent YOUR interests. Many buyers take the approach of calling the agent who listed a house they are interested in. Fewer than 20% of the homes available ever even get seen in a homes magazine or newspaper ad, making this process inefficient and ineffective. While it may seem to be the easiest way to find an agent, the seller’s Realtor (R) has been employed by the seller, and they represent the seller’s interests first and foremost. Our Buyer Agency Agreement states that we, as the BUYER’S BROKER will act on behalf of the buyer and their interests. In addition, with thousands of homes on the market, it can take a lot of work and can be very inefficient to call each listing agent and set an appointment to see 1 home at a time, especially when most of them are not even that easy to find. As a buyers agent, we typically see 4 homes in an hour, and can quickly go from house to house, discussing and comparing each to the other, instead of spreading that process out over weeks and weeks of searching, waiting for call backs, etc.

The tools which an agent utilizes to help find his buyers a home is very essential, as well. We currently have many internet tools, to give our buyers the most complete information on the current inventory. For years, real estate agents have “held the key” to the real estate market, making it almost impossible for buyers to do research on the homes that are currently for sale. We believe buyers make better decisions if they are informed, so we offer websites with address, multiple photos, visual tours, dimensions, and almost everything else you can think of. We will not hold out information from you. If we know something about a property, we let you know it too.

Your real estate agent will discuss with you in depth what you are really looking for, and it goes way beyond the house. Neighborhoods, schools, commute patterns, climate issues, hobbies, and more, are all part of the discussion so that your agent can best advise you in the home search process. Need a good agent? Call me, Rick Van Wieren at 888-568-6784 or 719-590-4768, or email me at

The Homes
Next, you find your house! Your agent will use the MLS system to help identify homes for you, but there are many ways you can do some of this “homework” on your own as well. Please use the link below to look through our entire MLS with addresses and multiple photos.


Search the Colorado Springs MLS and see what is for sale in your price range.

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