New Year Skiing Tradition Lives On

Yesterday I went skiing up at Copper Mountain with my nephew. I like to get up skiing during the 1st week of the year, usually after the holiday crowds have left. This is usually a quieter work week, and provides a little excuse for some exercise after all of the holiday eating. The snow was pretty good, they had 3 inches fresh overnight, and another 3 inches or so fell while were there. The base underneath was still a bit weak, they still need more snow to open more of the mountain. Copper Mountain is typically a 2 1/2 hour drive when you live in Colorado Springs, and we were right on time getting there, although some snow storms made a mess out of the return trip, which was closer to 3 hours.

  The Broncos season ended as unpredictably as it started, with a lopsided loss at home to a Kansas City team that had only won 3 games going in. Not that it likely mattered. While the Jets hadn’t played yet as of this writing, the Ravens had already won, making it highly unlikely the Broncos would go the playoffs anyway. Still, after a 6-0 start, it is hard finishing the season at only 8-8 and out of the playoffs. I’m guessing we’ll see some big changes in the off season!

  I showed some property today, and there are really some nice homes for sale in Colorado Springs under $250,000. One of the homes I showed, while it needed some updating, was on a 1/2 acre treed lot in D20, somewhat unusual in a normal year. I expect it will be gone soon!

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