Ski Season Isn’t Over Quite Yet

I just got back from Copper Mountain from a couple of days of skiing, and am excited to go back again tomorrow. While the extremely warm early spring is good golf weather down here in the Springs, we still had a blast skiing, and the scenery was amazing as always. It is starting to melt, but the slopes are still well covered, and sometimes some spring slush can be just the ticket to soften up some of the moguls for those of us who aren’t pro bump skiers.

The new programs coming out of Washington for the housing industry sound positive, but I am skeptical they will have the affect that the press has been touting. While some are gleefully assuring us that rates will hit 4%, we should be happy if they just hang around 5%. Not that I wouldn’t like to see 4% interest, but there are too many factors pushing against that happening, not the least of which is the multi -trillion dollar borrowing the government itself is doing!
It was a gorgeous sunny day today, with a little summery looking clouds once in a while. I spent most of it working, but it was still great!

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