Snowy Happy Easter in Colorado Springs

Not a great day for an outdoor Easter Egg hunt in Colorado Springs today. I don’t know the exact statistic on this one, but the odds of snow on Easter in Colorado Springs are much better than Christmas (March and April are our snowiest months), and the weather certainly lived up to it’s reputation today! We went to the 8am service at New Life, and it was well attended, though not packed (the later services are more crowded historically, sometimes standing room only). I took today’s photo after we got back though, as it had snowed the whole time we were in service. The streets were pretty good overall, one thing about spring snow storms is that the snow tends to be pretty wet and slushy on the roads as opposed to any kind of icy mess. It usually isn’t cold enough to become a bigger problem, though sometimes a lot of wet heavy snow can break tree branches.
This year all of our kids seemed tied up with things so we are not hosting an annual Easter feast at our house. In 27 years of marriage I don’t think we’ve ever gone out for an Easter meal, so I think we’ll try it this year and see how it goes!

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