Easter In Colorado Springs Is A Big Deal

Today is Good Friday, the day that Christians all over the world remember the crucifixion of Christ, followed of course by Easter, the day that celebrates the Resurrection. In Colorado Springs, there have always been plenty of Easter traditions. One of the more ‘famous’ was the annual Easter Sunrise service at Garden of the Gods (this sunrise shot was taken last summer). It was thought to the longest running Easter sunrise service, but became somewhat a victim of it’s own success when thousands would overrun the park on Easter morning. At one point they had shuttle buses taking people from satellite parking areas and everything. Our unpredictable spring weather was often not even a deterrent, people would still come out, even if it snowed. There are a few that still gather informally at the park, but nowadays the churches all pretty much do their own things. With as many ‘mega churches’ as we have, there is no location in the city (other than perhaps Memorial Park) that could come close to holding everyone at once.
New Life Church, where we attend, has had an Easter production call The Thorn that they’ve done for years. It is somewhat of an ‘R’ rated passion play (they have a children’s production that is a lot less graphic), and quite an experience. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 50,000 people attend this (spread over many performances), we are going to this year’s production tomorrow. Satellite Map View of New Life
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