Summer Weather Pattern Finally Starting

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and the summer weather pattern decided to start up almost at the same time. Yesterday’s Air Force Academy Graduation didn’t get clear skies, but the broken clouds were still adequate for a nice air show. I only caught the tail end of the Thunderbirds show from the parking lot at our office, which happens to be a nice spot to watch from. Thunderstorms rolled in late in the day, and we got some nice rain (and some hail, though not too big and bad). This week’s Colorado Springs weather forecast has sunny mornings and afternoon thunderstorms as a regular feature. That is the way it is supposed to be. After a very dry and cool spring, one of my favorite things about summer is finally starting.
There is something very special about the crystal clear, cool morning air (although yesterday and today have both started somewhat humid and slightly overcast). By mid-afternoon, you can usually see the clouds building over Pikes Peak, and then start hearing distant thunder. When you are in a thunderstorm, it can rain buckets, and the thunder and lightening is quite an experience. Every day is a little different, but usually by 5 or so, the rain has passed, there are some beautiful rainbows to see in the east, and sky clears up in time for the next gorgeous day. That is why many of our golf courses have afternoon specials!

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