Thunderbirds Have Weather to Contend With

Today is the Air Force Academy graduation. Yesterday the skies were so clear you could have watched the impressive air show the Thunderbirds put on from 10 miles away. But this morning, the humidity is up, there is some cloud cover, and thunderstorms in the forecast, so who knows how it all goes? Whether or not you attend, unless the flyover is cancelled altogether, the north end of Colorado Springs gets treated to seeing the Thunderbirds as they manuever around Falcon Stadium for the best show of the year at the Academy. All along I25, people strain their necks as the thunder roars from the jets as they buzz the stadium.
Rain or shine, graduation is a big deal here. Cadets are not allowed to get married while enrolled at the Academy, so in addition to becoming officers in the US Air Force, many of them also make their commitment to marriage the same week, and try to squeeze in a honeymoon before reporting to their first duty assignments. Family and friends from all over the country come to join them for this happy event, so the hotels and restaurants are usually quite full.
Colorado Springs is really proud of the Academy and the brave men and women who spend 4 years here before they go on to defend our country. The last week of May is a time when that all comes together with the graduation, the air show, and the throngs of family and friends that come to witness such a prestigous event. Congratulations USAFA Class of 2010!

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