Colorado Springs City Election No Surprise

In ‘off years’, Colorado Springs has gone to mail in elections. It saves a bunch of money and time, but also drops the participation rate. Yesterday was the ballot deadline, and the results were not really very surprising. Only 1/3 or so voted. The biggest controversy was the proposition called 1a, which was to allow the city to use an expiring mill levy to recruit and retain employers to the city. For $10 / year or so, it sounded good to me, but this is a pretty tax resistant bunch here, and so even this went down to defeat. We need more jobs here, the local unemployment rate is over 8% at this point, but they won’t be coming from this measure.
We got a touch of summer yesterday, with the temps around 70, and more of that today before another cold front hits. I need to get one more ski day in before they close the resorts for the season! I did manage to get my hot tub refilled and cleaned.

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