Google’s Street View of Colorado Springs Is Pretty Good

There was an Internet article floating around this week about a town in the UK that objected to Google using their Street View camera to record the town. What a shame! It is very handy to see the street view of what an area of town looks like. Take for example the link below. It starts you out looking at a traditional map view of downtown. The Antlers Hotel is right at the center of downtown, the corner of Cascade and Pikes Peak. If you drag the icon of the little man onto the street, you can see an amazing amount of detail, and it allows you to essentially travel up and down the downtown streets. While it isn’t exactly post card quality photos in many instances, it is very clear imagery as such things go. You can jump to almost any address or section of town and get a street view, call or email if you need help using this!
Google Maps View of Downtown Colorado Springs
Today’s ‘blizzard’ turned out to be a lot of very windy cold air, but almost no snow. Apparently other areas nearby got hammered, and we just had all of our lawn furniture blow off our deck, but only some flurries.
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