Colorado Springs / El Paso County Health Department is GREAT!

We are going on a relatively short overseas trip before long to South Africa. It is a special family event for my daughter-in-law, who is from there, and in doing our research, discovered there may be some immunizations needed. Further research indicated that some of these may not be readily available at your doctors office, so this morning I went to the El Paso County Health Department for a briefing and immunizations. Their facility is antiquated, but directly across from Memorial Park, and the staff was so helpful and courteous, it made me forget I had gone to get a shot! They were also quick, almost to the minute of when they said they would see me, and for how long it would take. This is a public service that really works!

It turned cool, cloudy and windy today after a couple of really nice days, but so far no rain or snow.

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