How to Efficiently Pack Your Ski Gear for a Move

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While moving to a new city, like Colorado Springs, is particularly exciting, packing can be a stressful process. Sorting through the old, the new, and the long-forgotten items in your home, can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Clothes are fairly simple to pack but wrapping up heirlooms, breakables, and oddly-shaped items are where some strategic planning comes to play. If you’re moving to Colorado, you’re likely picking up your ski gear, which is large and bulky. However, a few simple steps will keep everything in peak condition for all the winter adventures ahead. 

Prioritize by Size

Skis and Poles

Start with the big stuff. Plenty of outdoor outfitters sell specialized ski boxes designed specifically for big moves and easy transportation. They can, however, be a bit pricey, which is not necessarily ideal during an expensive move. If you’d rather go the DIY route, you can create your own box fairly inexpensively by using things you may already have around the house. 

First, use foam pipe insulation to wrap up your poles. Second, use stretch wrap to wrap your skis and poles together. Ensure they’re wrapped tight to avoid scratching them. Lastly, load everything into your ski bag with large, soft moving blankets. Use other materials like duct tape and zip ties to keep everything extra secure. 


Next, you’ll want to pack up your boots. While they aren’t exactly fragile, they are expensive, so take extra care! To help them keep their shape, fill them with crumpled newspaper or magazines. Then, wrap them in towels or other soft fabrics, and tape, tie, or otherwise fasten them together. It’s best to find them their own box to avoid scratching or damaging them. 

Clothing and Other Gear

Your accessories should be easier to pack, as they are smaller and less expensive, but should still undergo the same amount of packing care. Similarly to your boots, your helmet should also go in its own box. Carefully line it with a towel so that it’s completely wrapped, place it in a box, and then fill the empty space with either newspaper or soft cloth. When possible, place everything in its case, particularly your goggles. Wax should be sealed so that it will not leak if it melts. All of your accessories can go in the same, labeled box so that they won’t be misplaced.  

Protect Your Investment

Your ski gear is a huge investment, so always handle it with care, from packing to transport to storage. Always label your boxes, place in a cool, dry area that is not in danger of freezing or flooding, and don’t stack anything on top of them. That way, you’ll be ready to go when the fresh powder rolls in!

Are you in needs of more packing tips? Be sure to contact your local experts for all of your Colorado Springs real estate needs. 

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